Baroque enjoyment and culinary delights

  • 2 overnight stays in a Business room
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Historic city tour
  • Dinner at the “Sophienkeller” restaurant
from 236.50 EUR in a single room*
from 147,50 EUR per person in a double room*
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Get to know Dresden in a different way and experience up close the ongoings at the magnificent baroque court of August the Strong or during the turbulent period of the Biedermeier and industrialisation of Saxony.
With a visit to the Sophienkeller, you immerse yourself into the times of August. Let the musicians seduce you to sing along and the Medico enchant you. Be there when “August the Strong” himself leads you through the premises and entertains you with anecdotes from his life.  A baroque pleasure for all the senses.

* Please note that the City of Dresden levies private travellers with a tourist tax. This must be paid additionally on site in the hotel.